A seventh-generation Texan, veteran, attorney, and family man, Jace brings a powerful combination of experience and determination to the battleground for conservative principles. He has never surrendered ground to progressive activists—from his military service to his legal career, Jace has consistently fought for freedom, family, and the bedrock values that define the Texas way of life.

Jace thrives in a fight. After his military service, Jace became a litigator, taking on religious discrimination, challenging the misuse of taxpayer dollars for abortion travel, and going up against the Air Force brass twice to defend his own First Amendment rights amidst COVID-19 vaccine mandates and woke DEI policies. In Texas, he recently served as counsel to Senator Angela Paxton.

He earned bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Government from the University of Texas at Austin, where he interned for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and a law degree from Stanford Law School, where he served as president of his law school’s chapter of the Federalist Society. He is a former fellow of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society and Law, Alliance Defending Freedom’s Blackstone Legal Fellowship, and the Claremont Institute.

With his wife and high school sweetheart, Elizabeth, he founded Saint Francis Academy, a classical Christian school that reflects their shared passion for shaping the next generation. Actively engaged in their local church in Denton, raising five children, the Yarbroughs live out their values at home and in the community.

As Jace prayerfully embarks on the journey to the Texas Senate, he is guided by his lifelong dedication to faith, liberty, and conservative principles. He will be an unyielding and strategic fighter for the people of Texas and Senate District 30.

Texans are seeing an invasion unfold at our borders because of the inaction of the federal government. Texas can’t wait. We must stop the flow of illegal drugs, weapons, and human trafficking into our communities through legislation at the state level.

When it comes to educating or making any decisions for children, parents know better than the government. Especially as liberal indoctrination creeps into classrooms, Texas needs to be the national leader on cleaning out any trace of inappropriate discussions and materials from our schools. We must implement a parental choice plan so that every family has the opportunity to provide the right education for their children.

The synthetic sexualization of children is a tragedy and has no place in a sane culture. I support legislation such as the recently passed SB 14, and I will fight to rid Texas of medical “treatments” such as gender reassignment surgery and the administration of puberty blockers, ensuring that Texas children can naturally develop toward healthy adulthood.

The government has no business infringing the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Marksmanship and firearms have played a big role in the life of my extended family and in my own growth and maturation. I will steadfastly resist any attempt to limit this vital constitutional protection.

Life is a gift. I am unapologetically pro-life, and I will always support the protection of innocents from conception to natural death. I have already been fighting for the unborn in the courtroom, and will continue to do so in the Texas Senate.

Texans deserve fair and secure elections. Trust in the election process is a bedrock of the ordered liberty bequeathed to us by our forebears. I support photo ID requirements for voters, tougher penalties for those who violate election laws that are already on the books, and elections taking place on paper ballots.

When my employer and my military reserve unit directed me to get the COVID-19 shot, I refused. For me, the risks of the shot ultimately outweighed any possible benefits, and receiving it would have violated my faith. I fully support the recent COVID Vaccine Freedom Bill signed by Governor Abbott, and I will support legislation to continue to expand medical freedom for all Texans and fight against any and all mandates. Period.

Texans and their families should not have to pay ever-increasing property taxes. They should be able to live free and affordable lives. I will fight for lower property taxes so homeowners can direct more of their hard-earned income toward building lives that are full and fulfilling.

Texans do not need more government burdening our homes and businesses while taking money out of our pockets. I will push for lasting solutions to lower the cost of raising a family and keep regulations from hindering the growth and operation of our local economy.

I’ve heard from SD30 residents that they are running out of water far, far too often. This should not be happening in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. Relying on our standard conservation methods won’t cut it. We need to answer how we are going to treat and transport water to those that need it. While respecting the existing property rights of owners, we need water infrastructure solutions, such as water treatment, water transportation, groundwater recharge, and especially water infrastructures in subdivisions and in rural areas.